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Blitz Pressure Washing provide professional decking cleaning services in Bromsgrove and surrounding areas. Although adding decking reduces the amount of garden upkeep needed, it still needs to be maintained regularly to prevent it from looking dirty and the possibility of losing its colour. The biggest problem with keeping a decking area clean is the growth of algae and moss in damp, shaded areas. This type of growth can leave the surface of the wood very slippery and dangerous.

We use specialist decking cleaning equipment with rotary heads to clean the surface of the wood. The rotary washers will not damage the wood or leave behind marks often left by domestic pressure washers. Our decking cleaning service in Bromsgrove will change the look of your decked area and leave it looking like new again.

decking cleaned by blitz pressure washing

We can transform your decking area, making it look like new again and something to be proud of. We can provide a free no-obligation assessment and quotation at any time, so please call us now on 07795 146994

Decking Cleaning & Oiling

Do you recall how beautiful your decking was when installed? All outside hard surfaces require routine upkeep to maintain their attractive looks. Decking areas will eventually fade from the sun, and if not regularly maintained, hardwood decking will soon start to deteriorate and become covered in hazardously slippery algae and moss.

We clean your decking under the proper pressure, taking care to prevent any harm from occurring as we work. Algae and moss will vanish after the cleaning process is finished, and your decked areas will regain their natural appearance. Once dry, we can also apply premium branded environmentally friendly decking oils which get right into the wood, restoring the natural oils that have been lost through weathering. This will ensure much longer protection, leaving you to enjoy your new-look decking area.

We clean numerous different types of hard surfaces, including:

Block Paving

Natural Stone


Forecourts & Car Parks

Crazy Paving


Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Garden Walls and other Hard External Surfaces

Re-sanding of Block Paved areas

Commercial Jet Washing

Graffiti Removal

Application of suitable sealant (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

What cleaning equipment do you use?

At Blitz Pressure Washing, we make sure to use top-of-the-range cleaning equipment for all our work. Each job receives the correct treatment from our jet washer as it comes with a variety of different speeds and settings.

What surfaces do we clean?

We clean decking areas, block driveways, brick, natural stone, tarmac, concrete, and crazy paving.

How much will it cost to clean my decking area?

With so many different styles of decking, it’s difficult to give an exact price without seeing and having measurements. Once we’ve assessed your decking type and size, we’ll be able to provide a fixed-price quote. If our quotation is approved, you can be assured that it stays at a fixed price – no price changes or unexpected hidden charges.

Do I have to be at home?

No, we will only need access to an external tap, and then we can complete the job. We are happy to book an appointment to suit you, and we will always do our best to minimise any disruption.

Why hire Blitz Pressure Washing?
We use high-end commercial-grade jet washers that will remove all types of stains, saving you time and money. We hold a 5-star rating on Google & Facebook!

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